Stress Less

I’m actually beginning to feel excited about this next chapter in my life. I found out I have a stage 2 class which is wonderful! Such a great age! I have found a place to live until I find my own place which has taken some of the stress off. I’m really warming up to the idea of living in Sydney. The only downside is I will have to travel 50kms each way to get to work. I have never driven in the city before so this will be a BIG challenge. I’m starting to prepare myself for my class and I can’t wait to see the school.


What a day! I walked into school with the understanding I would be on upper primary. This changed in an instant and I spent the day with 25 transition kids. 4 year olds aren’t the easiest age to teach, especially when you aren’t trained in early childhood education. I thought I’d make the best of the situation and the day went really well.

During lunch I was told that some artwork that I did with year 3/4 has been selected for an art show. This news put a huge smile on my face. Oh and I cuddled a ginnie pig!

I’m back on 3/4 tomorrow and we will be creating water-colored imperial dragons in the morning, fractions in the middle session and sport in the afternoon. Let’s see how it goes.