New Horizons

It comes with great anticipation and sadness that I announce I am the new stage 2 teacher at a lovely school in Western Sydney. I am saddened that I will be separated from my family and friends and move to a huge city. This is something that I never wanted for myself. Country girl at heart, this will be one of the biggest challenges I will ever face. I will be putting my hard earned cash into living arrangements and pretty much put my life on hold for 3 years.
I am, however, excited that I will have my very own class full of eager children. Now to mention the support I will be given.

Plans change, people change. It’s all about taking the bull by the horns and enjoying the ride.


Time to put me feet up and stress out.

There’s no better feeling than knowing I can have a sleep in. The school holidays comes with much anticipation. I, however, am so stressed out about next year. January will be a mad dash to organise my life. I’ll be recieve in my appointment to teach, looking for a place to love, planning my curriculum for the term, moving and starting work. Let me just juggle some knives while riding a tricycle through a burning ring of fire while I’m at it.