What a day! I walked into school with the understanding I would be on upper primary. This changed in an instant and I spent the day with 25 transition kids. 4 year olds aren’t the easiest age to teach, especially when you aren’t trained in early childhood education. I thought I’d make the best of the situation and the day went really well.

During lunch I was told that some artwork that I did with year 3/4 has been selected for an art show. This news put a huge smile on my face. Oh and I cuddled a ginnie pig!

I’m back on 3/4 tomorrow and we will be creating water-colored imperial dragons in the morning, fractions in the middle session and sport in the afternoon. Let’s see how it goes.


Usborne Activity Cards

I found this majestical activity while on my daily shopping spree. There are 89 cards in total and have fun literacy based activities that can be wiped cleaned!!! For around $13 you can own this amazing activity! 


I absolutely LOVE the Usborne range of products.

Numeracy and Play Dough

On Friday I had the pleasure of teaching 16 Kindy / year 1 kids. I decided I needed to change it up a bit and try to keep my lessons as engaging and hands on as possible. Play dough was my go to. In Maths we used it to shape numbers and make symbol representations. They loved it! 

Play dough is so cheap to buy these days. I especially love the individual tubs as it allows each student to have one. 


These only cost me $10 at Kmart.


I’ve had experience across all year levels and it has really got me thinking. Next year I will be walking into a classroom and I have no control over the year I’m given. My biggest weakness is Kindy. I’m a patient person but I’m not THAT patient. Little cherubs need their hand held for EVERYTHING! I much rather prefer 2-5. At least you can engage in conversation and worry less about them peeing on your carpet. Murphy’s law though…

Hands on Science

I recently purchased these science books. They both have 10 experiments and different variations on how to execute them. I found these to be a great way to engage students when learning about every day phenomenon. Just the other day I conducted a floating and sinking activity. Students had to make a raft that could float out of blu-tack. They found it very challenging but towards the end they got it right. 

Air and Water

Light and Sound