Numeracy and Play Dough

On Friday I had the pleasure of teaching 16 Kindy / year 1 kids. I decided I needed to change it up a bit and try to keep my lessons as engaging and hands on as possible. Play dough was my go to. In Maths we used it to shape numbers and make symbol representations. They loved it! 

Play dough is so cheap to buy these days. I especially love the individual tubs as it allows each student to have one. 


These only cost me $10 at Kmart.



I was thinking of ways I can make multiplication fun and simple for students. I designed and created a tables chart that allows students to attach, with Velcro, their correct answers. I thought this might be too simple so I added another row which allowed me to differentiate the whole activity. I would ask younger students to give a pictorial representation of the total number. Older students can write another fact that equals that total number.